Social media at the helm of youth mindset essentially refers to the virtual playground of socialization which may indeed be quite tempting for the young and old alike but sometimes it becomes the driving force behind many of the youth’s actions.

With the advent of virtualization, almost every work like shopping, communication, matchmaking(we see weddings being held over VR and video conferences), works and jobs are happening over such internet platforms, the question comes up; Upto what extent can we squeeze out the benefits of social media before it turns bitter?


Social media has opened the floodgates of customer responses and it is now free-flowing in mammoth proportions for businesses to analyze. Today, using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, companies are able to extract these opinions in textual or audio-visual format and then analyze the sentiments behind them on an capital scale. Sentiment analysis, opinion mining call it what you like, if you have a product/service to sell you need to be on it.

“ When captured electronically, customer sentiment — expressions beyond facts, that convey mood, opinion, and emotion — carries immense business value. We’re talking the voice of…

Satyajit Panigrahi

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